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Company Introduction

Sungjin Chem will significantly increase its current number 10 employees who are involved in R&D, quality control and production management by 60% including personnel in product development, research, quality control and production management to increase research and development and also become a company that puts its customers first. Sungjin Chem plans to concentrate its investments in research and development to diversity items of new product developments to 6 to 7 items each year and also apply for patent and utility model registrations. Consistent research and development will lead our future and diverse self-development efforts will serve as the foundation for new success. Based on such efforts, Sungjin Chem will become a globalized company by improving its world-class quality as well as strengthening its research technologies, acquiring technological competitiveness and establishing the development, production and export of basic materials and raw materials through the cultivation of talented employees with academic-industrial collaboration.

  Sungjin Chem produces clean eco-friendly products with a considerate mind for the environment and has released products that are more eco-friendly as compared to other competitors based on our commitment to keep our promise with customers with a determination to only manufacture products that satisfy customers will last.

As Sungjin Chem has developed world-class quality products by becoming the first company among its competitors to acquire certificates in the new technology innovation field and also acquire the eco-friendly mark recognized by the Ministry of Environment, we will strengthen our company to further pursue research and development and manufacturing of products by using eco-friendly natural ingredients in our products.
  In today’s modern society, people live fairly dangerous lives due to environmental pollution. Under these conditions, the risks of toxic substances from chemical synthetics have been recently raised as a social issue. Where such issues may only be resolved through the safest eco-friendly products, the products manufactured by Sungjin Chem include the manufacture and release of eco-friendly detergents recognized by the Ministry of Environment, a product that can satisfy the needs of our customers. We believe that such products are the most reliable products that can satisfy the requirements of today’s society.