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Certificates and Process Chart Information
2001. 03. Approved as cleaning products manufacturing business.
2001. 03. Approved as food additives manufacturing business by Gyeongin Food and Drug Administration (No. 172).
2002. 05.Acquired certificate for safety inspection with “Geom” mark for cleaning products quality company (Korea Testing and Research Institute).
2004. 06.Designated as Nation-wide Best Product by “Chainstore Dealers’ Association” (cleaning products).
2005. 09.Approved for production based on “Temporary Standards for Rox Disinfectants and Instrument Sterilization”.
2006. 04.Acquired “Venture Company” certificate as New Technology Innovation Company by the Small and Medium Business Administration.
2006. 06.Acquired certificate for use of environmental mark “Eco-friendly Dishwashing Detergent” (Environmental Mark Association).
2006. 07.Desingated as “Q Mark Quality Guarantee Company” (Korea Testing and Research Institute).
1. Mixing Process
    -Main ingredients (natural coconut oil surfactant) and additivies are mixed.
2. Transfer, Storage Process
    -The mixed half-finished products are transferred to the storage tank before packaging for maturing and preparation for product packaging.
3. Packaging Process
    -Products are packaged by using the subsidiary materials (boxes, containers, refill packs) for each product by product type and size.
4. Shipping Process
    -Products are shipped to the warehouses of each account by using porters.