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RIO ROXhas an entirely different function as compared to existing generic rox products containing 4% of the ingredients and also helps with cleaning based on its high-enriched multi-functional property which disinfects, bleaches, and completely removes foul smell and odors. In particular, consumers will be satisfied with its excellent performance of completely removing all germs and foul smells on the floor, drain, sewage pipe line, musty basement floor and damp areas.

Bbungttureo effectively clears clogged pipes at home and business establishments. It completely removes and disinfects clogged pipes from food waste, hair, muck, filth and foul smells. It also contains an anticorrosive agent, anti-fouling agent and anti-adhesion agent to prevent damage to PVC pipes, drainage pipes and septic tanks. Further, if used to clean sinks, bathroom, toilet, washstand and tiles, it improves their luster, prevents the covering of filth and helps maintain a long-lasting state of cleanliness.

Stain Doctor completely removes any stain,, old or new, at one go. As an instant, fast-acting general purpose cleaning agent, it is a product which quickly and effectively removes oil stains and removes old, set stains for all-purposes by rapidly removing, breaking up and decomposing dirt and filth. As a colorless, odorless and non-abrasive agent that does not contain any abrasives (such as Dialight or crushed rocks), sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, irritant BC or EDTA, it is an eco-friendly general purpose cleaning agent that can be safely used with its outstanding vegetable-base biodegradability. Especially, it can completely remove any stains, dirt and filth found in supermarkets, households, business establishments, restaurants, convenience stores, special cleaning businesses, car wash businesses, sign and billboard cleaning, outer wall cleaning, tunnel cleaning, ships, airplanes, subway trains, buses, buffets and hotels.

Dilute the Grill Cleaner with water by a ratio of 1:1.
After setting the grill in the mixture for two hours, it will easily break down and remove any oil residue, filth and oil stains and substances found on the grill.

Rub off burnt grime and filth on the grill with a brush or sponge two hours later and evenly apply Shine Fong Soft Detergent on the relevant parts to effectively remove grime and filth by washing and rinsing it. Clean off the grill with water at least once or twice.